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Opening the Door: An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

A four week course, June 1st-22nd, every Wednesday, 6.30-8.30pm

Would you like to experience the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness in your daily life? Join us for this four week course where we will focus on two meditation practices – Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana, the practice of cultivating an intention to bring kind awareness to whatever arises in our experience.  This will be led by one of our Senior Teachers, Shantinayaka.

Each week will include instruction, guidance, practice, and time to share our experiences and ask questions, plus optional individual practice reviews. Open to complete beginners and anyone wishing to refresh, support, and deepen their practice.

There is a suggested donation of $40 for the course, or pay what you can afford. All are welcome.

Please book at triratna@vancouverbuddhistcentre.com 

Approaching Buddhist Practice

“It’s all about our meditation – right?”

Throughout this course – led by Dayasiddhi – through talks, short meditations, reflection and discussion – we will explore three basic, classic approaches to the spiritual life.Approaches 2013

Introductory Course

triratna vancouver


Introduction to the Spiritual Dimensions of Buddhism


10 consecutive Wednesdays, 7:00pm-9:00pm, October 3rd to December 5th 2012.


This structured course will be a comprehensive introduction to Buddhism with the emphasis on practice – rather than dry theory. In keeping with all spiritual practices, we will endeavor to strike a balance in engaging both the heart and the mind.

We will start out by learning the art of Buddhist meditation, providing the opportunity to practice meditation in a supportive setting – a space dedicated to Buddhist practice for over ten years – with practical instructions, guidelines and advice for anyone wishing to bring meditation into their life.

We will introduce and practice the Mindfulness of Breathing, the Cultivation of Loving Kindness (Metta Bhavana), Just Sitting meditation, Body Awareness, posture, ways to work with distraction, and other topics arising from these experiences. Participants will also benefit from practicing regularly with a consistent group, with check-ins on individual practice.

Building on our meditation practice, in the second part of the course we will turn our attention to the Buddha’s teaching.

The Buddha’s first teaching following his Enlightenment, focused on that with which we are all too familiar: the problem of human dissatisfaction or suffering. With great compassion, the Buddha saw through the ways we strive to find satisfaction and happiness and why we repeatedly do not get the results we are looking for. As an alternative approach, the Buddha offered the profound teaching of the Four Noble Truths that carries the potential to radically re-orient our search for happiness – the driving force behind our lives. To understand the Four Noble Truths is to understand a core principle at the very heart of Buddhism.

By the end of the course, participants will have established an ongoing meditation practice and through a comprehensive exploration of the Buddhist precepts – ethical guidelines common to all forms of Buddhism – been given the ‘lens’ with which to view the world from a Buddhist perspective, allowing us to live our lives and engage with the modern world in a new, exciting and fulfilling way.


The course instructor – Dharmachari Dayasiddhi, an established Dharma teacher with the Triratna Vancouver sangha – will ensure the material is presented in an accessible, friendly way with ample opportunity for questions and comments over refreshments each evening.


Suggested donation – sliding scale $100 to $150



To register, go to the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website: www.vancouverbuddhistcentre.com


Triratna Buddhist Community Vancouver Society

We are at our new location!
#207 - 460 Nanaimo St., Vancouver, BC


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