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Watch our EVENTS section where more details will be posted when available, or see the bottom of this page for a list of upcoming retreats.

Getting away from the distractions and ‘busyness’ of daily life enables one to engage more fully with meditation, and meditating several times a day means that the benefits of meditation can accumulate and go deeper. A retreat offers excellent conditions in which to explore meditation and Buddhism, to find the space to get to know oneself better, to break old habits, and sometimes even to make a dramatic breakthrough.

All triratna centres run retreats from time to time, and some even have their own retreat centres outside of the city environment. However, in North America, the only independent, triratna wholly owned retreat centre is ‘Aryaloka’ in New Hampshire. Other centres here in North America, including Vancouver, make use of the many excellent rental retreat facilities available, either for a weekend or longer, as in the case of the San Francisco triratna Buddhist Center’s one month total immersion retreat held at the Jikoji Zen Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

triratna Vancouver retreats

Our residential retreats are held out of the city in a rural setting, and currently run from a Thursday evening through to Sunday lunchtime. These extended weekend retreats allow for participants to experience the supportive conditions that allow for a deepening of Buddhist practice under the guidance of an experienced retreat leader and supported by the local sangha. Ideally, participants in residential retreats will have some prior experience of triratna meditation and devotional practice. Those without experience should contact us to inquire further.

We usually run a Spring retreat and an Autumn retreat. Our favoured locations for these events have been in the dramatic desert landscape of The Environmental Learning Center of Camp Delaney in Sun Lakes Falls State Park in Washington’s central plateau, and at the Sea-to-Sky Tibetan Retreat Centre located on the East side of Daisy Lake, just South of Whistler, B.C. overlooking the majestic Tantalus mountain range. More recently, we have begun to use the beautiful Samish Island Camp in Washington.

Our non-residential retreats are held from time to time at our centre or other local facility, and can be two full days of practice usually around a central theme. Typical times are 9:00-5:00 both days with a break for a pot-luck lunch or time to eat outside in the neighbourhood.

To reserve a place on any triratna Vancouver advertised retreat, please contact us to find out if space is available. A donation will be required to reserve your spot.

See our events calendar for a complete list of both residential and non-residential retreats and other events, or see below for upcoming retreats

Upcoming Retreats

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Triratna Buddhist Community Vancouver Society

We are at our new location!
#207 - 460 Nanaimo St., Vancouver, BC


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