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Special Events & Retreats

Throughout the year, we offer special events such as talks and retreats.  Please check our calendar here to see when our next special event or retreat is occurring.

Camp Samish Residential Retreat

Registration Deadline March 13th

Thursday 4 April – Sunday 7 April

The Buddha and the Goddess of the Earth — How Buddhist Practice Enriches our Connection to the Natural World

On this retreat, we will explore some of the mythic imagery and nature themes in the Buddha's story. We’ll look at how these themes unfold in his teaching and explore their relevance to us now. In particular, we will explore four mythic symbols/stories: 

  1. The Bodhi Tree

  2. The Earth Goddess

  3. The Dragon Prince

  4. Brahma pays Homage

This retreat is suitable for all levels of experience, including someone who has never been on a residential retreat before, as well as anyone looking to deepen their Buddhist practice.

3 nights, $330/$370/$420
2 nights :$220/$270/$320

Financial support is available; please don’t let the cost dissuade you from attending.

Register here


11633 Scott Road, Bow, WA 98232

The Buddha and the Goddess of the Earth Flyer.jpg

Make a Donation

All of our weekly classes at Triratna Vancouver are offered for free.  While our team of volunteers is happy to lead classes, there are certain costs associated with running our programs.  

The word dana means generosity, and is a central Buddhist principle and practice.  If you find our programs helpful, and have the means to do so, we would be forever grateful for any dana you wish to give.  We are a registered charity, and would be happy to provide a tax receipt for your support.

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