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Welcome to the Vancouver Buddhist Centre


Welcome to the Vancouver Buddhist Centre. Our community is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a non-sectarian international Buddhist network of public centres, communities, ethical businesses and social projects. At the heart of the Vancouver Buddhist Centre is the Triratna Buddhist Order, made up of individuals of diverse backgrounds who have dedicated their lives to the practice of Buddhism.  Here, we offer a variety of online-based classes in the fields of Buddhism and meditation.

About The VBC

Welcome to the Vancouver Buddhist Centre.

Attend Classes on Meditation or Buddhism at the Vancouver Buddhist Centre, given by Triratna Order Members and Mitras with years of teaching experience in all aspects of the subjects. Classes occur on an ongoing basis, and focus on the needs of students new to meditation or Buddhism. We also offer courses, which focus on specific topics for a limited time duration. Our retreats give participants an opportunity to focus more deeply on meditation, Buddhist teachings, and spiritual friendship.


Make a Donation

All of our weekly classes at Triratna Vancouver are offered for free.  While our team of volunteers is happy to lead classes, there are certain costs associated with running our programs.  

The word dana means generosity, and is a central Buddhist principle and practice.  If you find our programs helpful, and have the means to do so, we would be forever grateful for any dana you wish to give.  We are a registered charity, and would be happy to provide a tax receipt for your support.


Sangharakshita's Apology

A Compassionate Statement in Solidarity with
Black and Indigenous Lives Matter

A Compassionate Statement in Solidarity with our Asian and Pacific Islander Communities

A Compassionate Statement in Solidarity with
The Climate and Ecological Emergency


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